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Trick or Treat!

Trick or treat!   Are those words that fill you with dread?  Nothing like having the kiddo’s out gathering bags full of delicious candy that a (reformed, sort-of) candy addict like myself would drool over.  So how to avoid temptation and keep your kids off a sugar high?  Here’s a few tips to keep away from the candy bowl and keep your kids from overdoing it too.


  • Don’t buy candy you like…if it’s not your thing, you’re much less likely to get into the bag.
  • The last goblin to ring my doorbell for the night gets whatever is left.  I don’t want any extra candy hanging around on Halloween night!
  • Buy a small trick or treat bag or small pumpkin bucket at the dollar store; no pillowcases allowed.  When it’s full, it’s time to go in.
  • Help the kids sort as soon as you get home.  I have my kids check out their booty, and divide it into two piles:  What they love and what can go.  The go pile gets packed up right away and taken to the food bank the next day.
  • The stay pile goes into the freezer.  It’s harder for my kids (or worse, me) to gobble down candy if it’s frozen.
  • If you must have a taste of something, choose wisely.  Miniature 3 Musketeers bar,  mini Tootsie Roll, or a fun-sized Twix are a few options under 50 calories.  Just watch, even that smaller amount of sugar will make some people dump!
  • Anything left in my boys’ bags after a couple of weeks goes (quietly and discreetly) into the trash. 

Some parents find me mean not letting the kids go out for hours and keep enough candy to last them through Christmas, but I just feel no one needs all that.  The fun is going out with friends and dressing up.  A few days after, they never even remember that their stash is in the freezer anyway!  If you have a great tip for keeping the little ones and yourself from a candy coma, please leave a reply and let me know about it!  Happy Halloween! 



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