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When Your Partner Doesn’t Support You

*I am NOT a mental health professional and I urge you to seek appropriate counseling for any relationship problems*

For many of us who have weight loss surgery, we have had weight issues most of our lives.  I for one battled with my weight since the age of 12.  So when we hear the words “you’re approved” it’s a mix of feelings; relief, happiness, nervousness, excitement…I’m sure you can fill in many others you felt when you heard the news for yourself. We all imagine our spouse/significant other will be behind us 100% in our decision to change our life for the better and put an end to our obesity struggles.


But what happens when you’re partner doesn’t support your decision to go under the knife?  Why would he/she react this way?  More and more I’m hearing of couples having relationship issues either during the approval process or soon after the surgery is done.  There are many reasons that your partner might not support your decision for weight loss surgery.  For many, couples met and fell in love while at their current weight.  Basically who you are (and are trying to change with your WLS) is who your partner fell in love with.  The new you will take some getting used to.

Some lack of support may be due to worry that you will now be more attractive to other people and leave him/her for someone else.  If your partners is also heavy and unhappy with their weight, good ‘ole fashioned jealousy can be at play that you are able to change for the better and they are not.

Sometimes, without realizing it, our surgery becomes our sole focus, and that can wear on the other person (and honestly our other friends and family, not just our partners).  It’s a big deal to us, and even if our loved ones are happy for us, and supportive, it doesn’t mean they want to hear about it during ever conversation…that’s when support groups come in handy, so we can talk about it to our hearts content!

If your partner is truly disrespecting you, insulting you, or hurting you in anyway, do NOT tolerate that!  But if it seems to be simply they are having a rough time with the changes your surgery brought on, try talking honestly about them, and meet him/her halfway, and see if attitudes can shift to make both of you happy again.  One of the biggest changes in your life doesn’t have to mean an end to your relationship!


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15 Best Ready-to-Eat Gastric Bypass Snacks

If you’re anything like me, you need food to be on had all the time.  I stash food around like a squirrel storing up for winter.  This keeps my blood sugar even all day, and keeps me from making any kind of convince store stops, or running through the nearest drive through.  I’ve already posted about great snacks that you can make/keep at home (read it here) but they aren’t all very portable.  So I scoured around, and found 15 of the top rated snacks that meet our protein needs, are low in sugars, and are portable!

#1:  Kay’s Naturals Gluten Free Protein Pretzels in Jalapeño Honey Mustard

kays pretzels.jpg

#2:  Pure Protein Crunch Chocolate

pure protein.jpg

#3:  Ostrim Snack Stick, Teriyaki


#4:  Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie, Chocolate Chip


#5:  New Whey Nutrition Protein Shots, Fruit Punch

new whey.jpg

#6:  Caveman Chicken Bites, Applewood Smoked BBQ


#7: Tanka Bar, Natural Buffalo Cranberry Bar


#8: Crucha Ma-Me Edamame Veggie Snack, Lightly Seasoned 


#9:  Power Crunch Bar


#10:  Think Thin Protein Nut Bar, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel 


#11: Fit Joy, Frosted Cinnamon Roll


#12: Quest Protein Chips, BBQ



#13: Optimum Nutrition Protein Water, Icy Blue Raspberry



#14: RAP Protein Gummies, Strawberry Flavor 


#15:  Smash Pack, Fruit & Protein-Tropical Fruit


So here’s my current fav 15…please comment below and let me know what you keep on hand for portable protein!

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Weight Loss Surgery: by Teresa Wainwright

I was recently sent a book by author Teresa Wainwright; Weight Loss Surgery: All the Essential Information Your Doctor Doesn’t Have Time to Tell You!    I wanted to write up a review about it because I found it so well written and such a fun read!

Ms. Wainwright starts out her book with many reasons we find ourself in need of WLS.  The next couple of chapters touch on what types of surgeries there are, what to expect from each one, as well as some considerations such as family planning, and smoking, etc.

Next, she talks about what to expect on the day of, as well as the first few weeks post-op.  “Okay, I’ve read all this before” you might be thinking.  But, one of the things that sucked me right in was the way her book read like I was chatting with a friend.  Not only that, the next chapters are hilarious and filled with stories from other patients.  I especially loved chapter 7 “The Gross Stuff” where I LOL’d plenty as people talked about loose skin, horrible dragon breath, gas woes, even some “oops” bathroom accidents.

If you’ve got a sense of humor, as well as want to learn a few things about weight loss surgery, and hear stories from many other patients, I can’t recommend this book enough!  It was so much fun to read, had me cracking up, and was full of great information!

You can pick up your copy on Amazon, available in paperback or on Kindle.


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15 Great Workout Accessories and Equipment

Working out is a chore to a lot of people (yes, I’m including myself in that statement), but some fun gadgets and cool equipment can make it much more enjoyable, or at least a bit more interesting.  Here are 15 top rated accessories and exercise equipment that I love.

#1:  A really fun shaker cup

Bring your protein drink, water, etc in a super fun super hero shaker cup.

Listen to music, use fitness apps, etc, with a cell armband holder.
#3:  Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel
I love this towel because it helps keep overheating in check.  Just soak it and wring it out, and it stays cool while feeling dry to the touch!  Great for outside workouts.
Okay, so this one might not be “fun” but chafing sure isn’t fun either!  Keep those thighs and other sensitive areas feeling comfy.
 This is not your old school fanny pack from the 80’s!  Fantastic for runners, walkers, hikers…hold all your stuff while working out!
After working out, treat your sore feet to this relaxing foot massage ball.
This wobble board isn’t just for physical therapy…it’s great for working out the core muscles, improving balance and flexibility!  Use it while hanging out watching TV, talking on the phone, etc.
If you’re like me and like doing fun activities for exercise, this might be your favorite new ride!
Work on your core while watching TV or sitting at your desk.  This backless version also helps with posture, and spine strength.
These leggins keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, are made from moisture wicking material, and support hamstrings and quads.
For all you swimmers out there, these cool gloves from Speedo help tone arm muscles by adding resistance in the water.
Up your water workout with these foam dumbbells.
My biggest complaint with using my exercise bike is that it leaves me with a sore rear.  This gel cushion adds extra padding for a much more comfortable ride.
Trampolines that you wear on your feet!  Takes some getting used to, but a fun workout!
Listen to music without worrying about tangled cords or wires!
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Product Review of Enlightened Ice Cream

I was lucky enough to get a few coupons from the Enlightened company to try out their ice cream bars.  From the company:

We offer a healthy, delicious product that will make you rethink was ice cream can be. Many “better-for-you” ice creams would you believe that less bad is good enough. We disagree. That’s why we’ve created an ice cream that is truly good for you. Packed with protein, fiber and flavors and light on calories, fat, and sugar, it tastes great, and it’s what your body needs.

Carried at my local NJ Shoprite store, I was curious if they tasted good or like the normal “healthy” stuff.  This was my chance to try it out.

The bars are so popular there were only a few boxes left in stock, but I was able to snag a box of Mint Fudge Swirl and a box of Frozen Hot Cocoa.  The first I tried was the cocoa, and OH MY GOSH I’m in love!  These tasted nothing like the normal “diet” fake ice creams I’ve had in the past…this was a smooth and creamy texture with a rich chocolate flavor.  In the center was swirls of gooey marshmallow.  It completely satisfied my sweet tooth, and for the first time every I didn’t dump from ice cream.  Score!

Next, I tried the mint…this one had a very good mint chocolate chip thing going on.  The texture was not quite as creamy as the cocoa one was, but it was still very good!  I’ve always loved mint chocolate chip ice-cream in the summer, and this hit the spot.  I loved that the fudge stayed thick with a hot fudge-type consistency  and didn’t freeze into the bar.

Frozen-Hot-CocoaOf course, my two kids wanted in on the action as well.  Since I try to have my whole family eat healthy, I was more than happy to get their opinion.  They both chose to try the mint, and both boys gobbled them down.  Neither had any idea it was good for them (Mom 1, kids 0). Oh, and my hubby who is a weightlifting-aholic enjoys the fact that each bar is high (7 grams) of quality protein. It’s hard finding treats that are bariatric friendly, let alone treats that are good tasting and healthy for the whole family, but Enlightened managed it!  I cannot wait till our store restocks and I can try out the rest of the flavors.

Check out their website at, or find them on instigram

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7 Best Books for Bariatric Surgery

When I was getting ready for my gastric bypass surgery, I read whatever I could about it.  Back then, blogs and online support groups were pretty new, and few and far between, so I read a few books on the topic.  Now, there are tons of online resources, but I still really like a “all info in one place” book.  Here is a list of 7 of the most popular and helpful out there!

The Sleeved Life  by Pennie Nicola is about her journey getting the vertical sleeve gasterectomy.  The cool thing about this book is she combines her personal story with lots of the most recent research on this type of WLS.

The Big Book on the Gastric Bypass has everything about gastric bypass, from how to pick a surgeon, what to expect pre-op, how the surgery is performed, recovery, etc.  It has lots of info about afterwards as well, how much you can expect to lose, the diet, & exercising after.

Weight Loss Surgery:  The Real Skinny is a great one that talks about all the “bad” parts of WLS.  It goes over the mental aspects, how to change your relationship with food, and how to handle when you don’t get the results you were hoping for.

The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients (3rd addition) has stories from patients that have had all different bariatric surgeries.  Patients interviewed are long term success stories, from 5, 10, 15 years ago, some from 30 years ago!

Back On Track After Weight Loss Surgery is great for any of us struggling with weight regain, with slipping into bad eating habits, not making time to work out, etc.

Weight Loss Surgery for DummiesWeight Loss Surgery for Dummies I absolutely love the “Dummies” books so of course this one had to make the list!  As all the other “Dummies” books, this one is written in clear, easy to understand language, tons of tips and tricks, and fun to read.

Al Roker:  Never Goin’ Back I had to include Al Roker from NBC on this list.  He is such an inspiration, and this open and honest story of his life, his struggles as a child with his weight, and what finally led him to getting bariatric surgery, is a must read

Most of these are available hardcopy or on your kindle, which is personally my favorite way to read🙂
Please comment and let me know what your favorite WLS book, article, blog or website is!

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What Do I Need In the First Few Weeks?

One question that comes up over and over is what to stock up on.  There are a million help sites out there, blogs, etc, and you’ll find a ton of the same items appearing over and over. So to save you some surfing of site after site, I figured I’d compile a list of the most popular items people said they found useful after WLS.

  • A heating pad.  This comes up all the time from patients; it helps move painful gas out of your gut.
  • A huggable pillow to hold up to your abdomen when sitting up, or coughing.  I found this super adorable “I Heart Guts” pillow I’m totally in love with!

Get it here from Amazon

  • Sugar free items such as jello, popsicles, crystal light, fudge pops, etc.
  • Broth and thin broth-based soups
  • Gas-x, either strips or chewable
  • All the vitamins that your doctor wants you to take…please follow his/her advice on this!
  • A set of measuring cups…or two…you’ll be measuring EVERYTHING for a while!  Find something fun/funky that will make you smile every time you need to go measure your meal 81rKaWI9hwL._SL1500_(Find this set here)
  • unsweet protein supplements, such as Unjury soup flavor, or Proti Diet
  • A shaker bottle to make protein supplements, or use as a water bottle….this super hero one makes drinking a bit more fun :  the flash
  •  Low sugar yogurts, ricotta cheese, unsweetened applesauce, sugar free pudding
  • Extra pillows to sleep propped up.  Some people suggest sleeping in a recliner, which is what I did my first week home…laying flat was just too painful.
  • That favorite book on your reading list and the remote within easy reach with a full Netflix Que.
  • Last, but not least, protein powder.  Now, some will tell you to “stock up”.  However, I’ve talked to soooo many people with the same story…”I bought a big container at Sam’s and now can’t stand it…”.  Please, if you can, stock up on individual packets, different flavors and variety packets.  Your tastes WILL change and you WILL get sick of one flavor.  Here is a couple of sample packets available on Ebay.bariatric fusion variety packnectar 5 pack

Please comment and add your favorite or must-have after your surgery!

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