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A Sample Menu of a 7 Year Post-Op

I’m always curious what other people are eating.  When I was a newbie, there were lots of different sites that had sample menus based on what stage I was at.  Liquids, full liquids, purees, soft foods…I never had trouble finding out what to eat.  As a long-term post op, not so much.  There are not a whole lot of “sample menus” of people who are further out.  Why?  Probably because lots of us don’t bother to track anymore.  Or we have our routines down so well we don’t put too much thought into it anymore.

So, here’s a sample menu of mine, in case you every wondered “what are long term post ops eating?”

B:  1 ripe banana with 1 tablespoon peanut butter and non-fat Greek yogurt

S:  baby carrots with red pepper humus

L:  1/2 turkey and cheese sandwich on double fiber whole grain bread, 1 cup vegetable soup

S:  protein shake

D:  1/2 grilled chicken breast, veggies and couscous

S:  no sugar added rice pudding

Do I measure my food?  Nope.  Do I count calories?  Nope.  Should I?  That’s a matter of opinion.  In the 7 years since my gastric bypass, I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing up my food, knowing how much will fit in the pouch.  If there’s more on my plate then ends up fitting, it goes down the garbage disposal.  I’ve learned to pay very close attention to my “full” cues and listen to them at all times.  When I’m done, I’m done.  If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat.  No foods are off limits, but I chose to eat good ones the majority of the time.

One of my favorite things about this surgery is that if I use it correctly my pouch will tell me what works and what doesn’t.  If I eat something I shouldn’t, it sure lets me know.  If I over fill it, ditto.  If you still measure, count calories, etc, and that works for you that’s great!  Everyone should find the groove that works for them and use it.  As long as we have the results we’re looking for, no need to change the routine!   If you’re looking for a new protein shake to add to your food log, try my Orange Creme Shake!

orange-creme  Orange Creme Protein Shake

5-6 ice cubes

1 cup fat-free milk

1/2 cup no sugar added manderine oranges

1 scoop Muscle Pharm Combat-Orange Creamsicle

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 packets Splenda

Add all ingredients to blender and pulse until smooth.   Enjoy ice cold.

*Approximate nutrition:  261 cals, 2g fat, 33g protein, 8g sugar



Hello, I'm Kate, and I'm a 10 year gastric bypass post-op. I started this blog, as well as my nutritional website, to help other bariatric surgery post-op's on their journey as well as pre-op's with their decision if bariatric surgery is right for them or not.

One thought on “A Sample Menu of a 7 Year Post-Op

  1. I was doing fine with the after surgery diet. I was lactose intolerant now which makes it harder, but since I have hit the 3rd year mark now I can not tolerate any sugar at all, makes me sick as a dog so it cuts a lot of the yogurts, protein bars, and low cal snacks out of my daily food intake. any suggestions ?


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