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Slip Up’s

Raise your hand if you’re perfect.  Hmmm, no one?  Yeah, me either.  You’d better believe in 7 years as a post-op, I’ve slipped up now and then.  And anyone out there who claims they haven’t is full of it.  None of us are perfect.  We weren’t before surgery, and we aren’t now. 

After a slip up the important thing is owning it, and getting back on track ASAP.  For those of you who’ve admitted you have slipped up, or completely fell off the bandwagon, I salute you!  It’s NOT easy to fess up to our mistakes, and the fact that you have is a huge step in the right direction!

One way to get back on track is to go back to step one.  Some people do the 5 day “pouch test”.  Others start tracking calories again.  No matter what, just do something.  We all know how easy it is to get out of control and put weight on, and none of us want that!  The faster we can rein it in, the easier it is to get control of our diets again. 

Just know if you’re one of the many sitting around beating yourself up over something that you did, or didn’t do you aren’t by yourself.  We’ve all been there, and had slip up’s.  You can get yourself back to where you want to be!  As long as you believe that, you will make it happen!



Hello, I'm Kate, and I'm a 10 year gastric bypass post-op. I started this blog, as well as my nutritional website, to help other bariatric surgery post-op's on their journey as well as pre-op's with their decision if bariatric surgery is right for them or not.

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