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I spend a lot of time talking about all the great things that can come from having WLS.  But what about our friends out there that are regretting theirs?  I have recently talked to a few people who had different surgeries and felt regrets for various reasons.  That got me thinking to times I had issues with the way my new stomach was working, and thinking back to did I ever regret it?

I have been very lucky to never have had any major complications.  But like everyone else, I have had my share of minor bumps in the road.  I have had food get stuck, and spent agonizing hours hoping and praying it would move on through.  I have had odd post-op pouch pain that required trips to the surgeon’s office, to have them find nothing and say it was just one of those things.  I have been low on iron, dumped food for no apparent reason, had low blood sugar attacks and ordered whole meals at restaurants that once it arrived, I couldn’t even look at let alone eat. 

Sometimes, during those fun and exciting times (ahem, yes this is sarcasm!) I have felt the twinges of “what on earth did I do this for”.  When we are miserable with feeling sick, it’s very easy to have feelings that this was the wrong choice, and wish we hadn’t gone through with it.  But like any decision in life, there will be ups and downs.  Just like in any other major life choice, like marriage and careers, this one will have great parts and not so great parts, but staying focused on the ultimate goals and what you have accomplished, will help make those down times a bit easier, and not take over your journey!

Better Bariatric



Hello, I'm Kate, and I'm a 10 year gastric bypass post-op. I started this blog, as well as my nutritional website, to help other bariatric surgery post-op's on their journey as well as pre-op's with their decision if bariatric surgery is right for them or not.

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