Beer, wine and mixed drinks, oh my!

One question that comes up all the time is “when can I drink again…wait, can I drink again?”  The answer is yes…and no.  You can’t drink the way you could maybe have in the past.  Just like you can’t eat the way you could have in the past.  Everyone of course is different, but there are some pieces of advice that are normally the same from all medical professionals.  I’ll share those here with you.


  • Wait a minimum of 6 months after surgery
  • Do not drink alcohol on a regular basis after surgery; it increases the risk of ulcers
  • Don’t overdue it…with many patients, you can become intoxicated after just one drink
  • Take care, as some patients have “transfer addictions” and drinking can become a problem as food may have been in the past

Personally, I have noticed that just one drink goes straight to my head.  I drink very, very rarely (think weddings and holidays).  So, if I do decide to have a drink I make sure to have two glasses of water afterwards.  I’ve noticed for me, personally, I feel dehydrated way faster than I did pre-op.  I also make sure I never drive after even one drink.  If you decide to indulge this holiday season, just make sure to keep safe…cheers!


  1. TerrieNC

    I had a gastric bypass back in jan 2014. I cant drink like I used to. I’m lucky if I can get through a 1/2 drink. It’s really not worth me drinking since I pay full price for 1/2 a drink. But that is probably a good thing.


  2. One more advice, don’t take you car when you drink too much!


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