Every Little Change Counts


If you’re starting on your weight loss journey, or you want to get back on track, just remember, every choice we make counts.  We went out to dinner tonight, and it occurred to me that every choice we make, even small ones, add up to the bigger picture.  Yes, I know ever dieting magazine article says this, but there is a reason for that:  IT’S TRUE!  

Think about small changes throughout the day that we make/could make, that would add up to big calories saved or burned, that would lead to healthier bodies.  The dinner choice I made tonight, to sub a tomato-based sauce instead of the heavier cream-based sauce on my chicken, made me think back to the rest of the day.  Did I make good choices that added up or did I let opportunities slide to keep myself in check?  For the most part, most days, I do make healthy swaps.  I normally walk the 1.5 miles (round trip) to the post office instead of driving.  I usually opt for fruit instead of chips or fries.  Most of the time, I resist eating anything off my kids plates.  

But how many opportunities am I missing?  I caught myself today cruising around the Walmart parking lot a million times looking for a closer spot (and it was a gorgeous day, so no excuse!)  When I took my vitamins this morning, it was with a quick sip of water…why didn’t I use that chance to get in an extra full glass of water? This afternoon, I took my little guy out back to play; why didn’t I walk to the park down the street instead to get some extra steps in?

All of these are little, seem trivial, and individually they are.  But day after day, week after week, these little shortcuts or missed opportunities add up to extra health benefits we all pass up every day.  So my new goal is to pay closer attention to the little opportunities to make a healthier choice.  Always keep in the back of my mind that they will add up to something bigger!  


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  1. Pam

    I found your blog earlier today. I read through your posts like a starving baby…I’m just beginning my WLS journey. At least I hope it will be a WLSurgery journey…only my insurance company knows.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, knowledge and thoughts. You are a wonderful writer and I can tell you have a delightful sense of humor to match your beautiful smile.

    I will be back often to review your posts and read new ones like an obsessed fan :)

    God bless!!


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