WLS is an expense for life!


Okay, I’ll have people who hate me for this post, but I have to say it anyway:  WLS is a lifelong commitment, not only in diet but financially too!  I’ve been seeing it more and more “Supplements are too expensive”, “How can I get insurance pay for vitamins”, “where can I get free vitamins”.  Bottom line is you need to plan for the financial aspect of the surgery and it will be for life.  Insurance isn’t going to cover it, and anyone claiming you can get it for free is lying.  The sad thing is, this is something I don’t think enough surgeon’s bother to stress to their patients. 

So many of us focus on the cost of the actual surgery, but kind of put the lifelong cost in the back of our minds.  Vitamins are a life- long expense.  For the first few months, if not longer, you WILL have to supplement with protein, and yes protein supplements are not cheap!  Buying the cheapest crap you can at Walmart really isn’t the way to go either.  You need to stick to the requirements your doctor gave.  Using the wrong stuff might save a few bucks, but it’s your health that will suffer in the end.  

I totally understand finances being tight.  Trust me, my own are nothing to brag about.  But if it comes to buying decent supplements or just picking up the cheapest thing you can find, you need to put your health first.  I’ve found tons of ways to cut corners on other things (example, I wear drugstore makeup, get my hair trimmed at the $15 walk-in place, do my own nails, etc).  I know I’m sounding harsh, but the bottom line is, if you’re going to have bariatric surgery, you need to work it into your budget to get vitamins, and protein supplements.  Please plan on it accordingly that it will be a “bill” that will always be there, like car insurance, or the electric bill.  No one wants to pay it, but it will always be there.  

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  1. So very, very true! It is really important to invest in yourself after surgery and if that means saving and preparing for this then it is better to be aware of these costs. Many patients do not recognise they are gathering problems by missing out on taking supplements or taking inferior quality ones. Bariatric formulations are generally higher than normal ones for obvious reasons and a budget one won’t hit the target. It’s an uncomfortable truth but one I am pleased that you have high-lighted – many thanks!


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