Stash Snacks To Avoid Fast Food Traps

Let me start off by saying I love to cook and I love wholesome REAL food.  I think when we can get our nutrients from real foods and home cooked meals, we should. That being said, healthy “to-go” snack foods will always have a place in my post-op life.  There’s a reason for this:  When hunger strikes hard, or I have a low blood sugar attack, I need something NOW!  And unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen at a convenient time when I’m home and can prepare a healthy snack or meal.


To keep myself in check, I have protein bars stashed all over the place.  They keep me from splurging on a nutritional nightmare at a fast food place, or the candy bar isle of a store.  I’ve heard some other post-op’s putting down the practice of eating bars or shakes, and here is why I disagree. 

Say your at a doctor appointment, and it ends up taking two hours, bringing you way past lunch time.  You come out of the office and your ravenous.  There’s a fast food joint right next across the street.  You’re 1/2 hour from home.  Do you have the willpower to fight off your appetite for another 1/2 hour?  This was me last week BTW.  Thankfully I had a protein bar stashed in my purse which I gobbled down the second I got out to the car.  Had I not had it, I wouldn’t have trusted myself to wait until I got home…I was that hungry.  Or say you’re wandering around Target, and you get a low blood sugar attack (yup, me again).  That protein bar can save you from picking up a Snickers in the candy isle and snarfing it down. 

I do not think anyone should live off of bars and shakes; I’m not saying that at all.  I’m saying that they have a place in our new post-op lives and that no one should feel “guilty” for using them to keep from temptation.  Quite frankly, using protein bars has “saved” me from myself numerous times, and is a big contributor to how I’ve maintained my weight loss for almost 8 years now!  So if you choose to continue to supplement far after your surgery date, don’t let anyone make you feel bad that you’re not only eating “real” food!  This was a lifestyle change and if you need to use protein supplements as a self control tool, go for it!  I do, and will, for the rest of my life because for me, it WORKS! 


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    Hi, I’m Stephanie, i will be 3 yrs post op 8-22-2014 by way of gastric bypass. I love this blog/site i take protein bars with me everywhere, since i do not drive and bus it places daily.

    very wise advice and i love kroger protein bars, 190-210 calories yes very high but lower than most i have seen, 21 grams protein and only 120 mg sodium yes high but alot lower than most i’ve seen so if you want to tell me about a protein bar lower in sodium taste good and the same grams protein i’d love to know.

    kroger is from a local grocery store king soopers, denver colorado kroger is there name brand. oh and these bars are .89 cents each yes what a steal, reg price too.

    i plan to read all of your blog, i’m an avid reader and a writer/ former soon to be again ebook author

    thx so much for sharing your experiences what a blessing and congrats on maintaining your weight 8 yrs.

    i am working towards that. — Steph 3-23-2014


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