How Better Bariatric Was Born

I’d like to thank Jessica from Bariatric Beginnings for allowing me to guest post on her blog!  Here is a copy of the post.


Tonight’s post is a guest post from my friend Kate, an over 7 year post-op, who is the owner of Better Bariatric and writes the blog Eating After Gastric Bypass. I asked her to write a little bit about why she started her business. Kate is who I turn to when I need to buy bariatric friendly items for my journey. She also runs plenty of giveaways on her Facebook so make sure to follow her at She’s got one going on right now! 

Over seven years ago, I was morbidly obese and had numerous health issues so I went under the knife and had gastric bypass surgery to save my life.  As a new post-op, I had trouble finding protein shakes, bars and other foods and vitamins that were suitable for my new pouch.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, lots of supplements are loaded with sugars, or very high in calories because they are aimed at weight lifters.

I was tired of having to read all the nutrition labels all the time.  I found some brands over the years that had great options for us bariatric folks, and thought it would be great to open up a site where people like myself wouldn’t have to read the labels, because I already did the work for them.  I also wanted a company where people could buy supplements without going broke, because let’s face it, protein powders aren’t cheap!  So, my business Better Bariatric was born.

I like to have a wide variety of bars, shakes and snacks on my site; I am always on the lookout for new products to offer, and new brands.  One of my newest I started carrying is Proti Diet, which is one of the best tasting proteins I have ever tried, with very few calories per serving!  I’m also starting to carry more gluten free products, for those that are gluten sensitive, or like to stay away from it.  I make sure that all of my stock has a variety of different sweeteners too, so there really is something for everyone.

The part of the business I love most is talking to customers through not just my website but my Facebook page as well.  I found it so helpful as a new post op to have a few “mentors” to ask questions…all the little things that come up that you don’t quite need to call the doctor for, but don’t want to be on your own with either.  Now it’s my turn to be that mentor and I love it!  I love helping people find products that they will like.  I love being able to keep prices as low as possible, and give people samples to “try before they buy”.  I also have many recipes that I’ve developed or tweaked throughout the years that I post on my site.

This really hasn’t turned out to be a money making business, but it has opened up the door for me to help other post-ops and meet many, many people who have shared the same struggle as I have, so in that way, I am one satisfied customer!  Thanks for listening to my story, and I’d love to hear yours!  Join me on my blog at and if you’re looking for products, stop by my store at 

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