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New Year, Fresh Start

Some of us are feeling guilty over a few too many holiday treats, not logging in enough hours working out during the hectic weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or getting off track on eating healthy meals and getting into bad habits like grazing.  I’d be one of those people feeling the guilt of all of …

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WLS bullying?!

I just read on a support forum that some people feel bullied by other WLS’ers about the surgery they chose.  Really??  We are going there with each other??  That’s just sad!  What difference does it make which surgery we chose?  We’re all in the same boat!  We all needed help to lose weight and get …

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Finally flavored Greek yogurt for post-op’s!

You all know I don’t normally do product reviews for specific brands/products, but I had to do one for my newest snack obsession, Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt.  I have been eating plain Greek yogurt for years.  I love the thick, creamy texture, and the fact that it packs a mega protein punch.  But …

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