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It’s stuck!

Ouch, you’re in the middle of eating dinner and it happens.  That sharp pain just below your sternum, the knowledge that you cannot swallow another bite, even if it’s already in your mouth.  Yup, you’ve got something stuck.  Normally stuck food is a result of eating too fast and/or not chewing enough.  The connection between …

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Thanksgiving, Bariatric Style!

Thanksgiving, Bariatric Style!.

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Staying Mentally Healthy After Bariatric Surgery-By Bariatric Beginnings

I’d like to thank my friend Jessica Dickey from Bariatric Beginnings for guest posting tonight!  She has a fantastic blog at and you should check her out when you get the chance!  By Jessica Dickey ( After your weight loss surgery it is easy to get caught up in counting calories and protein grams, …

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Breaking the rules gets us nowhere!

All of us break the rules on occasion.  We overdo it a tad at a birthday party, drink more than we should at a wedding, have too many bites of cake at a going away party….we’ve all had those moments.  Those aren’t the rules I’m talking about.  I’m taking about the fundamental rules of bariatric …

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