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Trick or Treat!

Trick or treat!   Are those words that fill you with dread?  Nothing like having the kiddo’s out gathering bags full of delicious candy that a (reformed, sort-of) candy addict like myself would drool over.  So how to avoid temptation and keep your kids off a sugar high?  Here’s a few tips to keep away from …

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Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Having a successful pregnancy after gastric bypass is entirely possible; my 3 year old son is living proof of that!  Many women have babies after bypass.  There are some special considerations to keep in mind though. First and foremost, wait until you are at least 18-24 months post-op before getting pregnant!  I’m not saying that …

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Indoor Workout

My preferred method of exercise is walking outside.  Gets me and the kiddo’s some fresh air, and pushing a stroller helps up the calories burned.  I also enjoy kicking around the soccer ball with my family, bike riding, and running around the playground.  Unfortunately, living in Jersey, the weather isn’t always so great for an …

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Hair loss

Did you know that thinning hair is a VERY common side effect after any WLS?  Some docs don’t bother to tell patients that, then we poor unsuspecting patients start panicking when we see the gobs of hair in the bathtub.  Not to worry; hair loss is normally only between months 3-6 after gastric bypass or …

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