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Which WLS For You?

How do you decide which surgery to have?  More and more doctors are leaving it up to patients to decide.  When I had my bypass 7 years ago, I had two choices:  Band or Bypass.  Now the sleeve is also an option, and of course the duodenum switch if you meet certain criteria.  Here are …

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First Week After Hernia Repair

Last week I had my incisional hernia repaired laparoscopically.  Here’s what my experience was like.  Day 1:  Checked into hospital at 9am.  Was immediately taken back to change into gown, had IV started in my hand, was asked the same questions 101 times, and signed off on paper work for the doctor and anesthesia.  After …

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A Sample Menu of a 7 Year Post-Op

I’m always curious what other people are eating.  When I was a newbie, there were lots of different sites that had sample menus based on what stage I was at.  Liquids, full liquids, purees, soft foods…I never had trouble finding out what to eat.  As a long-term post op, not so much.  There are not …

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20 Quick Snack/Mini Meal Ideas

I’m all about convenience, but unfortunately there are a lot of easy to grab snacks out there that are sooo not good for us.  So, here is a list of my top 20 quick and easy snack, or mini-meal, ideas! 2 ham-and-cheese roll-ups (1 slice deli ham, 1 slice low-fat cheese, 1 dill pickle, rolled …

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Hernia after WLS

Incisional hernia’s after gastric bypass or any other WLS are common I was told.  They can occur with any abdominal surgery, but are more common in people who are overweight (that would be all of us WLS folks) and in people who have an vertical incision (that would be some of us WLS folks).  Seeing …

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