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Grab Bag of Goodies

Better Bariatric’s newest contest is up and running-Enter for the Ultimate Grab Bag! Enter Giveaway Don’t feel like waiting to see if you’re a winner?  Order yours today for just $15.  Lots of great individual sized products to try!

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Disney Dining after WLS

My family and I just returned from a vacation in Disney World.  Full disclosure-I’m a Disney freak!  I love everything about Disney World, and it is my all time fav vacation spot.  One of the many fun things to do down there is eat at there numerous restaurants.  So, I thought I’d mention a few …

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Eating after WLS for newbies

I’m hearing over and over about people eating more than they are supposed to/jumping ahead a stage, etc from newbies.  This is seriously scary to me.  Following the diet the surgeon gives you cannot be stressed enough!  This is for your own SAFETY!  When you have gastric bypass or gastric sleeve done, your actually stomach …

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Grazing:  To eat snacks throughout the day instead of full meals.  Grazing is the equivalent of a four letter word to dieters and WLS’ers alike.  Everyone has grazing days for one reason or another.  Could be stress, you’re on the run all day, comfort eating, etc.  If it seems like the fridge is calling your …

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Show off your bariatric success

Having WLS and successfully losing weight is something to be proud of!  It’s a huge accomplishment, and NOT the easy way out!  That’s why I decided to carry a line of tee-shirts that can be worn when working out, or when you’re out and about to show the world you succeeded with your weight loss …

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RTD’s after surgery

In my humble opinion, the best choice for protein drinks the first few weeks after WLS are ready to drink’s.  Here’s why:  The first few weeks when you are home from the hospital you will only be drinking about 1/3 of a cup at a time.  The RTD proteins are great, shake ’em up, pour …

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Preventing Deficiencies

Why do gastric bypass patients need to take vitamins for life?  Because the same bypassing of intestines that helps us absorb less fat and calories also keeps us from absorbing enough vitamins from our food that our bodies need.  According to the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, iron, calcium and B vitamins are …

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Support Matters!

Support is a HUGE factor in our success with WLS, and it can’t be stressed enough how important it is!  I think a lot of us are embarrassed about our surgery, or aren’t sure how/where to look for support, so we chug along on our own.  This is not the way to go! Think of …

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Traveling as a new post-op

If you have/had a summer surgery date, chances are you’ll be going away from home at some point soon after your WLS.  Two months after my RNY, we went to Lancaster PA for a long weekend.  At that point, I was still on soft foods, and still feeling my way around what I could eat, …

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